Gender In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin offs published by Archie Comics, Lumina appeared as a part of their adaptation of Sonic Shuffle. Lumina has the ability to open portals that lead to each of the different worlds within Maginaryworld. Box Art for Sonic Shuffle on the Sega Dreamcast including several regional variations as well as limited and special editions. The rabbit-like ears appear to be t… My Dreamcast compelled me to draw Sonic Shuffle's "party host" who is a fairy called Lumina Flowlight, to go along with the Void pic I uploaded back in January (and also done in a similar style to it). The game supports up to 4 players at a time, and is geared heavily toward children. Sonic and team seek out the pieces of the Precioustone and reunite it into one perfect piece. English voice actor(s) Alignment They are a race of magical creatures from the world of Camelot and supposedly this world's equivalent to the Chao. Likes Omochao wanted to help Sonic, Tails and his friends to train in races. Appearances There are so many rules, There are so many rules, combos, mini-games and quests that it’s easy to get more than a little confused. In gameplay, fairies appear along the way during the majority of the Missions. The stone was shattered by Void, a darker fairy counterpart to Lumina. [2], Following her creation, Lumina assumed the role of Guardian Fairy. Skills — Lumina Flowlight, Sonic Shuffle. Sega. I am Lumina... Lumina Flowlight. Meeting with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy in the Temple of Light, Lumina introduced herself and Maginaryworld while explaining why she had brought them here and everything that had happened. [1] After only a few answered her message, however, Lumina began to worry that people had given up dreaming and forgot about Maginaryworld which she feared would leave her all alone. [4] With Maginaryworld now in danger of being destroyed by Void's darkness without the Precioustone's power, Lumina send a message out to everybody in other worlds dreaming of Maginaryworld in search of a hero with courage and heart who could help restore Maginaryworld and save it from certain doom. Relative(s) Small, brightly colored magical creatures with various effects on the player. Good They also possess magic, which can be used to levitate objects.[1]. If it gets its mouth (or other form of digestive organ) around you, you might suffer damage but a weapon/item/tool/piece of armor that you have is the real meal. Initially, Lumina rejected negative feelings as a part of dreams as she only saw the destruction they wrought. Female Sonic Team, Hudson Soft (November 14, 2000). Arthur's Legend 3: Tales from Arthur's youth. The general summary is that the party is transported to a dream world called Maginaryworld, where they are to help a Lumina Flowlight collect the shattered pieces of the Precioustone. Lumina, however, could not recall her time as her original form and instead believed she was a subordinate of Illumina and that the two of them protected the Precioustone together. Around its head is a gear with seven teeth, although the gear does not cover its chin. Fairy[1] is one of the main characters in Sonic Shuffle. It's nice to meet you!! Pink Sonic Shuffle. Once there are no other Forcejewels left, it resorts to eating itself, hence the message that says "The Carbuncle ate itself." Ikue Ōtani This should also boost the fanart count for her considering she's also forgotten. Chao had already built special trails for each of them. Physical description She is also capable of flight and teleportation. However, she eventually accepted negative feelings as a necessity for dreams to flourish, which in turn let her accept Void and become whole again. Fairies are very small creatures, not much larger than the size of Sonic's hand. Sonic Shuffle plays like a virtual boardgame, using cards instead of die. Sonic Shuffle is a multiplayer party game, similar to the Mario Party style of games on Nintendo consoles, which was released on the Dreamcast. [3] When the Perfect Precioustone was shattered by Void, Lumina believed this caused Illumina to lose her powers and become imprisoned in a faraway world. ", Sonic Team, Hudson Soft (November 14, 2000). She is half of Maginaryworld's ruler, Illumina, and represents the positive feelings which give people the ability to dream. Level/area: Opening sequence. Não esqueça de deixar seu LIKE e de se inscrever no canal! Some opponents did not like to lose, especially Shadow, who called Tails and Amy pathetic, but then realized … Funny / Sonic Shuffle ... One of the Forcejewels is the Carbuncle, a disguised fairy that eats the other Forcejewels in the inventory of the player who possesses it.