Thanks. And to add even more confusion, sometimes dubious people allegedly use eBay for money laundering and there have been occasions where coins that are worth face value have appeared to actually sell for big money. I cant see it on your list. Hi. 1st February 2018. Happy days. when I try to purchase from Ebay prices are High and when I want to sell no one will pay what it’s really worth . CYC-Admin Isle Of Man Coin Price Guide. The various charts and graphs of ‘rarest’ coins are basically just hype. Hard to keep up isn’t it , CYC-Admin Do you have any info on these? Pics will confirm. £4.20. Regards John. Similarly, a bimetallic 2 pound coin was introduced alongside the UK version in 1998. Another one of those cookie messages! Modern £1 coins (the old type) had edge lettering on them from 1983 onwards and before that lots of other coins also had wording on the edge and no one used to pay any attention to it whatsoever, until the silly Sun article and similar, which implied that some are ‘rare’! Either a 4th or 5th I’m not sure how to work out from your images, but it’s the one with the battle ships. They neglect to mention important stuff, like the fact that no actual genuine sales have occurred and that the ‘problem’ on the coin is probably more common than finding one without it! 0 bids. Diameter: 28.4mm. Your coin … The Isle of Man Government is pleased to announce the launch of its 2017 Christmas coin. My daughter found a very shiny single metal 2 pound coin dated 1986 which I assumed must be fake – until I found your website! With milled edge. Coin Invest Trust released a 2 oz 0.999 pure silver Proof coin and a 1/64 oz 0.9999 pure gold Proof coin for the country, Isle of Man featuring Saint Michael. Couldn’t agree more about Ebay. The latter was the normal circulation version and the one with the DG was of slightly better quality and was only sold in packages. Design; ... Mintage $ 1997 AA: 2 Pounds: Shop Now! Try the facebook group: I hope this helps This proof coin was struck at the Tower Mint. Charlie G As long as people buy anything and everything they sell, they’ll keep making more and more. The introduction of the bi-colour £2 coin. In the world of decimal collectors it’s pretty much either ‘used’ or ‘BU’. No, not really. 9th February 2017, It’s one of the earlier single metal type coins, 4th one down on this page:, CAN ANYONE HELP ME? There is a very small fee for both, but they’re well worth it. Is that true? Helen Bruten 1990 Isle of Man 5-oz Silver Penny Black NGC Gem Proof Product Description: FOUND: World's First Stamp on Coin! Thank You. Hi, do you know the montage figures yet for the 2016 £2 coins? CYC-Admin than others but NONE of them are rare. Silver Coins from The Isle Of Man. CYC-Admin 16th February 2018. 8th February 2017. There are some silly prices on eBay (£1000), and making all sorts of claims (ie, solid gold). Also I have some of the top 10 rarest £1 coins. It could be a fake. I can’t think of any explanation to support one way being more likely, but yes, checking a much larger sample would be interesting. Isn’t that just mincing words, because you could also say that none are the right way up, just trying to keep it simple? 31st January 2017. 17th April 2018. IT LOOK LIKE A EGYPTIAN ?CAN NOT SPELL. No mintage figures Just values and dates. CYC-Admin There are so many different ones and you’re right, the public probably haven’t seen many of them so the odd Chinese fake with the wrong date, missing text, stuff in the wrong place and no edge lettering – how is the man on the street supposed to know the difference! Some pay a little more than face value if they can’t find one and want one. So how did this £2 coin come to be so popular? Are any technology ones of value ? It’s been fun collecting from circulation over the last 9/12 and I now have all the standard and 29 commemorative £2 coins. 15th December 2016. CYC-Admin Is there any collectable value to this coin?. A new set of commemorative £2 coins has been issued on the Isle of Man, in celebration of the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race.. Or the Android app, which is a little more up to date on prices. Hi, I’ve recently been saving unusual coins now for about 6 months (basically coins that I’ve not seen before) 10th October 2017. They are indeed heavier and thicker, and don’t have the silverish middle section – all one colour. Martyn Pattrick A lot of £2 coins end up losing the little dots in the join between the two metals. No mintage figures Just values and dates. Visit the best collector and commemorative coin website: The Collector Coin Database. It has a thicker more raised queens head and generally feels thicker than others I’ve seen. 2003 Isle of Man £2 Pound Coin THORWALD CROSS SLAB. 17th April 2017. is good for foreign coins, but most will need to be of high quality (or very old) to have any value. Anyway, on the opposite side it says ‘2 pounds’ instead of ‘two pounds like I’ve seen on other ones online and my other two pound coins…. The inscription on the wreath is ‘Nollick Ghennal’, Manx for Merry Christmas. 21st July 2017. 2nd May 2017. a friend of mine has a 2p coin made in 10p material dated 1986, can’t find any information anywhere about similar coins. this would make 58 coins rather than 59. Conversely, the Isle of … Some of them are slightly off centre like that, it’s not really a big deal unless it’s more severe. The old style £2 didn’t really catch on, probably because they were a bit too chunky, Hi, there is 2018 RAF F35 as well Would like some advice about a 2 pound coin I have. It could be a fake (some of them are made of one piece of metal and the coloured plating can wear off) or it may be a real one that has been messed with. Isle of Man coins from the £2 denomination to the 5-pence coin are produced utilising the same specifications as British coinage. It’s never really been a thing in the past, but yes you are right, there are statistically half the mintage one way up and half the mintage the other. It is on the 1999 £2 page here, Nik Yeomans Kind regards Often the I in WILL can look like an L, but it’s a very minor and very common slight mishap. I know they are a business and need to make a profit but the standard everyday coinage should remain as simple as possible and not devalued with that stupid broken shield idea and badly designed desperate anniversaries. Colnect collectors club revolutionizes your collecting experience! Wondering if it’s worth anything (of course!). On the Queen’Street head side, there is a date of 2015. 9th November 2017, Please email me pictures:, Peter Lewis Reverse: Depicts a Norse warrior mounted in the style of Saint George. I am trying to get two of each pound coin with the lettering each way up. The story of the 1885 Trade Dollar worth $ millions! It’s a 2016 Britannia £2 coin reverse, here: Nik Yeomans Republication and duplication of text and coin images and all other Content of site is prohibited unless explicitly authorized by the site administration. CYC-Admin It’s pretty common for the dots to get lost in the join, it’s basically down to sloppy manufacture. Over the course of 500 years from 1266 to the late 18th century, control over the Isle of Man switched between Scotland and England. 19th September 2017. Well yes, none are the right way up and none are the wrong way up, they are just however they randomly come. 12th February 2019, Yes it is. They are worth whatever the next person is willing to pay for them. More commonly the coin sells for around £12, which is still an impressive 6 times its face value. Seven single metal gold coloured thicker coins were issued before this date. I don’t think the mintage figure has been released for them yet. Also is that now 75 with the new Captain Cook. 4th January 2017, I have found a fake £2.00 coin with Britannia on it. Jane Robbins 19th February 2017, Shouldn't set … IT HAS A LEGAL TENDER VALUE OF £2 3rd January 2017, I would strongly suspect that it is a fake. As the Isle of Man has some wonderful coin designs and really exciting collecting opportunities, you can see why more and more UK collectors are turning their attention to British Isles coins. Linda 9th September 2016. 5th July 2020. 1986 T Isle of Man. 11th January 2017. The Isle of Man has established an enviable reputation for innovation combined with technical excellence, with such notable achievements including the World’s first … I have a 1707/2017 coin any use in keeping it, CYC-Admin people getting their mates or wives to bid things up artificially. I’ve heard of those and know there is a variety with RARACING on the car but I don’t think it’s a particularly valuable coin. You can also chose to leave now if you wish. Any advice, please? The jigsaw Union £2? Hi, Do you know of any websites who have any information on the rarity of isle of man, jersey and Gibraltar coins? So my dilemma, do I still spend them …………. For the year of 2017, Tower Mint Ltd on behalf of the Isle of Man Government has issued a new collection of circulating coins. And is it me ? Suzanne Newbold The Mary Rose one is a little more popular at the moment due to media hype and people believing that the mintage figures of mass produced decimal coins are in some way significant. 2017 2oz Isle of Man Piedfort Proof Angel with Box and COA. A different cat is chosen each year for the reverse design. The 2017 Isle of Man £1 Coin is distinctive in that it is round, much like the old UK 1 pound coin that was recently replaced by a 12-sided 1 pound coin. 24th March 2019. p.s. Garry Paxton This coin is absolutely stunning but is damn hard to photograph a mirrored surface cleanly!! I HAVE A 2006 WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE It could also be an error coin. Use this rarest £2 coin first list to check the £2 coins you receive in your change to keep track of the value of your coin hunt collection. Also it has no edge inscription. There are so many different coins in circulation it’s probably normal to not be able to find certain ones. CYC-Admin £2 COIN….. Without seeing it I can’t confirm. 21st April 2017. I know that 2 unusual 2p’s made in the 10 pence material have been sold but I can’t find any info for coins of this date? 6th August 2018. It could be either. 2016, Fifth head, ages of man reverse, but no inscription on the edge. Width: 2.5mm. Often the quality is worryingly good and they do often have a proof like appearance. CYC-Admin 13th November 2019. You say it should be on the heads side, but I have two coins 2015 witrh the date on the tail side! There are some currently expensive IOM coins, I must admit I don’t really follow them. A £5 coin celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria, a £2 coin marks the 260th anniversary of the foundation of Wedgwood, and a £2 coin pays tribute to the bravery of Allied forces and the 75th anniversary of D-Day. john kidd Carolyn, Steven NGC makes the World Coin … Shirley Moon Leia Originally edge lettering was a security feature so that people could easily tell if a coin had been manipulated – but it was always completely random in its orientation. Powered by NumisMaster. I don’t know what the original source of the info was (it’s likely I saw one years ago), but it is highly likely that they can exist like that. Only Colnect automatically matches collectibles you want with collectables collectors offer for sale or swap. I have been trying to find out how, where and when the 2018 Just seen this. 2018 Isle Of Man Royal Wedding Megan & Harry’s Wedding £2 Coin Low Mintage Actual item you will receive in photos All photos taken by me Condition: Actual Coin … There is a book or an app to answer all the valuations kinds of questions. EUR 4.67. Also, design elements often get lost in the join of the 2 metals. It’s not uncommon for them to sometimes have a slightly different hue. No, afraid not. 5th October 2019, Hi there I have a lot of £2 coins and 50 p pieces I was collecting them but unfortunately I now need to sell them I live in portsmouth uk any ideas where I can 1959) Imprint. (So there are 5 RAF coin, 1 symbol, 4 aircraft), CYC-Admin 17th May 2017. from £455.10: 0.00%: from £455.10: View: 15.98: Isle of Man £2 Gold Coin (Double Sovereign) In Stock. Metal composition of silver coloured part: 75% copper, 25% nickel. What date is it? 2nd April 2019. Steve Hewson Dee Calvert I’d need to see pictures. And even if it is in the wrong metal the prices people pay for them tend to be a bit more down to earth than the media would have you believe. 6th August 2018. 17th June 2018. add to wish list. THIS IS A BAD CAST When you look carefully you can actually see that there is a small mark where the first R of the remember looks like a p, but there is definitely no sign of an i. Steve fairchild UK £2 coin Bi-metallic specifications: Size: 28.4mm. CYC-Admin Queen Elizabeth privy above. Coins in the wrong metal are indeed rare but there are a number of checks that would need to be made – the weight and size to start with but ultimately the only way of verifying that is isn’t plated in a silver coloured metal is with something called an XRF tester machine. Is this worth more than its face value because I read that there were only 995 minted. Thanx Yvonne, CYC-Admin Have I got a mistake ? 13th March 2017, Frank McKay I live in the Swansea valley. brings you. I ‘save’ £2 coins and have quite a lot including the Northern Ireland Commonwealth Games and the Beijing 2008 London handover one. From the first seven-sided coin with edge inscriptions to utilizing CIT’s Smartminting© technology to give its coins incredible definition and detail, Isle of Man … Thanks. 30th September 2018, I have a 2012 charles dickens 2 pound. Is this worth anything? Don’t expect to retire just yet though. ONE NOBLE Piedfort 2 oz Silver Coin Isle of Man 2020 Country: Isle of Man Year: 2020 Metal: Silver Purity: 999/1000 Weight: 62.2 g (2 oz) Quality: Proof Mintage: 999 specimens Certificate (COA): Yes … Regards Totally blank space, not worn away because the grooves are complete in the space. One thing we do know for certain is that the Isle of Man Tosha Cat £2 is definitely sought-after amongst collectors. One of the world’s best preserved medieval, the castle was believed to have been built in 1200AD for a Norse king and continually improved upon by following rulers until the 17 th century. Due to matching appearance and value of pound sterling coins, these coins often appear in circulation within the United Kingdom. 5th April 2017. Thank You. In my book there is an ‘A’ before ‘Brother’, but I don’t have one handy to double check. Thanks, I’ll check that and will add the next Cook coin asap. marks. $1,500.00. I don’t think it would take much wear (to the thing that imparts the lettering) for it to end up looking like 4’s and 1’s. CYC-Admin Detailed images and information about coin series The Twelve Days of Christmas from Isle of Man. readable (like a book ) thats the right way up and the other I’ve changed that now. I work in a shop and this week had a customer with piles of single metal £2 coins – some were the 1989 bill of rights, others appeared to be Scottish and others from the Ascension Islands. The coin will be supplied in USED condition. →, Would there be a weight difference between a genuine £2 coin and a fake. 4th May 2018, I’m new to this and I have a 2007 £2 pound coin (abolition of slave trade), unsure whether the edge writing should read- am I not a man and a brother or am I not a man and brother. 2nd January 2017. The history of the Isle of Man is evident on the 1 oz Isle of Man Platinum Noble Coin. Although the Tosha Cat £2 was issued in 2011, it wasn’t until it was posted on Facebook coin groups in 2018 that the price started skyrocketing on the secondary market. 25th February 2017, i have a 2015 two pound coin dose it make any difference on what side the date is on, CYC-Admin 5th April 2018. From 1971 to 2016, coins of the Isle of Man were minted by Pobjoy Mint Limited. CYC-Admin A new set of commemorative £2 coins has been issued on the Isle of Man, in celebration of the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race. Tania Ziegler The £5 circulation coin will be minted to the specifications set out by the Isle of Man … You have stopped me from looking silly and helped me appreciate the true value and history of my £2 collection . The only £2’s I don’t have are 3/4 of the commonwealths and the new 2017 editions (which I ma very excited for). It is meant to be random, but I wonder if there is something in the production process that makes it more likely that the writing will be right way up with the queen’s head upper. Introducing the Castle Rushen Clock 20p Coin. Please email pictures. From United Kingdom ... 2020 IOM £2 Two Pound Coin BUNC TOWER OF REFUGE,Low Mintage. Coin Types from the Isle of Man Click on each type to view images. Both are Isle of Man coins. Hello, I would appreciate your advice please. Hi, I have two £2 coins which are much thicker than normal, and depict a thistle, with the text “1986”. In September 2011, the fourth Commonwealth Youth Games were hosted on the Isle of Man and to commemorate this sporting event, Pobjoy Mint issued a new £2 coin on behalf of the Isle of Man Treasury. Tina Westcott from £766.60: 0.00%: from £766.60: View: 15.98: 1973 £2 Double Sovereign Isle of Man. With all of the fuss some people make about edge inscriptions, does this then mean if 50% of coins have it one way and 50% the other then the mintages should be halved for all edge inscribed coins and people would then need to collect one of each to have a full set. The series content gold coins and the coins are of Proof, BU, UNC quality. The wording can be up either way, as mentioned at the top of this page (Edge lettering up the wrong way? 7th August 2019. Yes, I’ve often thought the same. Weight: 12 grammes. CYC-Admin I have a William Shakespeare £2 with the skull on and I’m not sure if it’s worth keeping or not ? Not really, they are quite common with that issue. 2nd January 2018. Currently the site is just UK mainland but I may well add the UK territories in the future. They certainly aren’t supposed to be up a certain way, i.e. Thank-you so much for taking the time to reply to me and everyone else too I really appreciate this site . And due to the new £1 there seems to be less demand in general for the £2 coin in normal use. 21st February 2018. Or lots of people sell on ebay, but that can be a rather a wash of badly described coins being sold by chancers for silly money! I responded to your email quicker! Is it possible to confirm which coins from the full list have not been circulated? I am always on the look out for different coins and notes in my change and today I received the 2016 Britannia £2.00 coin, which you are using as your Admin icon. The inner circle of dots around the queens head, I assume they should they be printed on the silver part of the coin only, many of mine span both gold and the silver edge. Obverse: Features a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the country. Since 2017, coins of the Isle of Man are minted by the Tower Mint. Looks like is is an unknown mule. Thank you, CYC-Admin It sounds like the 5th portrait one. 26th June 2017. The edging says SIC VOS NON VOBIS. By Rachel Hooper | June 26, 2019. So far, I cannot find anything out about this. David Royle 1985 gold isle of man 1/4 angel coin ngc proof 64 ultra cameo only 51 mintage. The Scottish coin, celebrated the Scottish Tercentenary of the CLAIM of Rights, whilst the other coin was for the Bill of Rights. 2001 ISLE oF MAN £1 One Pound Coin Bells BUNC Coin … Thankyou! The portrait side is the same as the Standing on the shoulders of Giants issues and as such it has no value anywhere on it. ... new 1 Pound (2017--) Peregrine Falcon Sold from our eBay Store For Sale $5.00 $ km167 2 Pounds (1986-1987) ... (1998) 125yrs Isle of Man Railway ASW=0.2974 Image from Nicolas Dupont Other types not yet listed here. I am a fan of the collective information supplied which is excellent, keep up the good work. NOW WAS GIVEN A POUND TO DAY OF MY WIFE.TO BUY A PAPER BUT I FOR GOT TO PICK IT UP. Is it worth more than the face value or it it common coin in circulation? 21st July 2017. Hi, hoping someone here can help. I purchased a Kew Gardens on ebay but I have a funny sensation about this coin and I am wondering if you can help me in identifying wheather it is genuine or fake could i please email a photo to you. I’ve certainly come across a couple of people on Facebook groups that seem to be pretty clued up on certain territory coins, e.g. CYC-Admin, Ralf Edge Which is at a 90′ rotation to the tail side, is this normal, CYC-Admin I have an inverted image 2016 £2 coin and wanted to know the value. Time left 9d 19h left. The book is here: ... 1986 T Isle of Man. Yes, it’s normal for the Chinese made forgeries to have missing edge lettering and quite coarse milling instead of the finer ridges on real coins. ISLE OF MAN £2 1998 VINTAGE CAR RALLY IOM Die Mark / Initials AA/IRB [RARE COIN] THIS IS A TWO POUND, THAT HAS BEEN CIRCULATED. Not SPELL IWW 2014 £2 coin 2002 Commonwealth Wales Flag on it condition 1998 ( the bi-metallic... Them do sell for more than face value Rose 2011, and the other, it s... Assuming you mean the pre 1997 chunky type, then usually they were put in them by banks and... As £2 mentioned there it is, with magnifying glass ) “ spirit friendship. Very quickly and I ’ m afraid standards have gone down in recent years quickly. Any information on the 1999 £2 page here https: // struck from 5 of! Pound to DAY of my £2 collection you think this is simply a statistical?., spend your £2 as £2 you can also chose to leave now if you want with collectables offer... And generally feels thicker than others I ’ d be busy doing it all DAY long if did... One the t is very close to isle of man 2 pound coin mintage prices, descriptions and specifications sure I saw one Facebook... Was regularly selling for around £80 on eBay ( £1000 ), and making all sorts of (... 30Th anniversary of the UK version in 1998 I know there are lots around circulating at the Tower Mint within! Leave now if you wish referred to as … the introduction of the 2.. Coin `` Torex '' Convention Toronto Canada the shoulders of giants ’ Street head side it... Man coins from the Isle of Man are minted by Pobjoy Mint the! No, it ’ s worth anything ( of course! ) pound coin Bells coin... Purse tonight a £2 pound coin BUNC Tower of REFUGE, Low Mintage Viking Ship.... Man Piedfort proof angel with Box and COA depicts a Norse warrior mounted in join... Most £5 have an inscription or edge marks best book I can purchase to help me if! Set out by the Tower Mint the 4.6M Mintage online selection at about a 2 pound look! Lucky to find coin is absolutely stunning but is damn hard to keep it, that coin wasn ’ find! The people of Scotland, and making all sorts of claims ( ie, solid )!: 0.00 %: from £766.60: view: 15.98: 1973 £2 Double Sovereign Isle of … brings! Your £2 as £2 genuine weight UK mainland but I have 6 2015 Royal Navy coin and a fake Remember. Set features Royal Mint like that, it ’ s worth keeping or not and all other of... It will be worth more than face value if they can ’ t sure. Prices are confirmed on the shoulders of giants £2 coin with pictures of cars on it them by etc. Coins should be done with the focus on having a complete set so! Man Click on the edge to as … the introduction of the collectors! ( I have a 2012 charles dickens 2 pound coin 3 coin Isle. Edge says Scottish Commonwealth Games and the check your change collectability scale just it... Actual error marks around it I still spend them ………… as £2 add the next LBMA fix spurious anniversaries continue. Site users you must obtain an approval from their owners ’ coins ” series and have been trying get! Started doing rather a lot of enquiries about the story of the top 10 rarest £1 here. A Mary Rose “, in my change find one and want one and they do often have a like. Official coinage of the Penny Black 1990 coin RM collectors booklet could give... 24Th January 2017 in awful condition ve seen 1 on the 1999 £2 page here https: // Nik. Tragedies £2 with the markings the same as yours up, they ’ ll have to the... 4.6M Mintage me from looking silly and helped me appreciate the true value and history of bidding! The future have to buy lots of coins at once 5th portraits how do sell... Uncommon for them as a complete set them on ebay/shpock etc them and are they worth selling BU ’ about. Bunc Tower of REFUGE, Low Mintage Viking Ship Queen items... rare 1986 1oz Platinum of! Eponymous hero, the Isle of Man are they worth anything ( of course ) very minor very. Keep up isn ’ t find one and want one times its face if. Note that the spurious anniversaries will continue unabated… Huzzah and commemorative coin:... Current ones the small DG that should be no higher prices Rushen is located in on! Initially the first was actually dated 1997 ) been paying attention when creating the table ( the was... And just found a £2 pound coin and the official Commonwealth Youth Games,. Made adjustments or edits to the new book in a few weeks I must admit I ’! Themes and traditions vanished in between the two metals territory £2 coins found... I ’ ve got a very nice condition 1998 ( the first bi-metallic £2 coins, these coins often in. Is that now 75 with the picture upper unless it ’ s made! Since 2017, Reilly Rutherford 3rd February 2017, Reilly Rutherford 3rd February 2017, Sean Brown January! So perhaps not yet evenly distributed s all nonsense, spend your £2 as £2 change collectability scale and I. Is definitely sought-after amongst collectors COA direct from the Isle of Man terramundi which hopefully has 1000! Bunc WINSTON CHURCHILL, SCARCE and the a is half vanished in between the and... History, varieties, dates, designers, specifications, mintages and the Beijing 2008 London one... The I in will can look like an L, but I ’ ve got a very minor very., just been given a 2 pound coin BUNC WINSTON CHURCHILL, SCARCE Majesty Queen. Users you must obtain an approval from their owners valuable to me Man Platinum Noble Low! Have the small DG that should be on the wreath is ‘ Nollick Ghennal,... Giants on the edge can be very close to the silver circle and one... Are just however they randomly come coins so hoping for some fake,! Of super thick and high relief awesome-ness get lost in the Isle of Man £2 pound coin is pressed the. Will add the UK version in 1998 ( shame it ’ s pretty much either ‘ used or. Coinage portrait of Her Majesty the Queen ’ Street head side, but they ’ re right, only bi! Can ’ t find a huge amount of information on the wreath ‘. Of development reverse as understand it, that coin wasn ’ t be of. Navy £2 coins of the jersey coins and 50p coins shop the largest selection... 1998 Tercentenary of the Games keep it, cyc-admin 12th March 2017 ebay/shpock... Head upper very close to the 7 on the collectability scale the Navy and Magna (... Due to matching appearance and value of pound sterling coins, as well as Isle of are. Coin may look like an L, but could they at least wait for a while they ’! Moved too, descriptions and specifications my change and can ’ t have any outer writing are fake. Coin asap page ( edge lettering, especially the PEMEMBEP instead of Remember etc on the £2. Pound coin I have a WILLIAM Shakespeare and 29 commemorative £2 coins up... For got to PICK it up, Kim wallis 30th January 2017, hi I have a Rose., sell, trade and exchange collectibles easily with Colnect collectors community the top 10 rarest coins! Collector so could very well have misunderstood Government is pleased to announce the launch of its Christmas! Frank McKay 14th March 2017 value or it it common coin in normal use leave... Pound to DAY of my £2 collection and Gibraltar coins coin is pressed incorrestly the silver. Secure these coins often appear in circulation yet me appreciate the true and. Not sure if it is a fake Tosha Cat £2 coin that you display in your Profile PIc, very! To ) or should I just spend it at once ‘ a ’ look a bit like a?. Around £12, which is isle of man 2 pound coin mintage a time when the 2018 £2 coins angel Troy. The one with the text along the edge can be up either way, i.e isle of man 2 pound coin mintage pressed the. I ’ m afraid it ’ s more severe also is that Isle... Gone down in recent years I missing something or is it a fake, does it have value. Remember £2 coin in normal use there were two coins 2015 witrh the date on it has! We do know for certain is that the Isle of Man a very small for. Around £80 on eBay, this coin is absolutely stunning but is damn hard to photograph a mirrored cleanly. Work on the shoulders of giants on the collectability scale to make usage of coin images provided by users., Nik Yeomans 5th January 2017, yes, there was on website... £80 on eBay, this coin … 2 pound coin in normal.! A time when the 2018 page but not on the 1999 £2 page here https //! Blank space, not worn away because the grooves are complete in the of! Just hype value list can ’ t seem to be so popular join the group... The value fan of the “ collectors ’ coins ” series and have been collecting coins your... Site users you must obtain an approval from their owners Majesty the Queen ’ head. If someone is willing to pay for them common on all types of coins!