Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme 3-Inch Medium Firm Mattress Topper, Twin, White. Different types of toppers sold today include memory foam, wool, latex, convoluted foam, and feather models (also known as featherbeds), although price and availability vary by type. This material is exceptionally durable, giving the topper a longer expected lifespan compared to models made from other materials. Due to their thrifty design, convoluted polyfoam toppers generally come at a lower price point than most mattress toppers, making them a great value option. In addition to primary beds, mattress toppers can be used in RVs, hotels, college dorms, guest beds, or sofas. The Molecule AirTEC is available in the six standard mattress sizes. Most models typically cost $100 or less, Rayon, polyester, and/or down alternative, Every type of sleeper (side, back, stomach, combination), Sleepers in the light and average weight groups, Gel infusion to provide temperature regulation, Special foam more responsive than most memory foam, Sleepers who want a memory foam topper that’s easy to move around on, Offers control over the exact temperature of the sleep surface, Does not affect the bed’s current firmness, Three layers of innovative proprietary foam, Those who experience back, neck, and/or hip pain, Exceptional conforming and pressure relief, Sleepers in all weight groups (light, average, heavy), Sleepers seeking a cozy layer for winter weather. Best for Back Pain: COONP Mattress Topper. Composed of three layers and a cover, the AirTEC comforms well and is impressively cool. Tuck's editors test & choose the products we write about. The memory foam Serenity topper has a medium-feel, making it great for side and back sleepers looking to soften their firm mattress. Plus, it comes with a 5-year limited warranty. It's also ideal for situations when you're not at home (like in a college dorm or a care facility) because it's easier to transport than a mattress. Still, the technology is truly innovative and it's backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. The foam also conforms closely and consistently to alleviate pain and pressure points without sinking or excessive body-hugging. These beds have less give and offer a more stable, even sleeping surface with very little sinking. Often made of ethically sourced duck or goose feathers, these toppers add a ‘plush’ feeling to the mattress akin to a pillow-top cover one may find on a nice hotel mattress. by Sealy (68) $ 125 38 - $ 209 99. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Eco-Institut certified for purity and safety. It's two inches thick and comes with straps to secure the topper on your mattress. Featured mattress topper: ViscoSoft 4 Inch Pillow Top Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper This premium mattress by ViscoSoft may come at … The bedding experts in the Textiles Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute researched dozens of mattress toppers to find the best ones on the market. Here are the best mattress toppers you can buy in 2020: There are a variety of toppers to choose from and there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, so here are factors to consider when shopping for your most comfortable mattress topper: This three-inch foam topper is surprisingly firm and is ideal for beds that need more support or innerspring mattresses that have too much bounce. The graphite infusion helps keep you cool, and it also has thick straps to go around your mattress so it'll stay in place. Memory foam mattress toppers range in price between roughly $40 and $300. In the content and table below, we’ll discuss each material and examine some key similarities and differences between the six most common mattress topper types. Though it doesn't have straps to tuck under your mattress, it has a unique non-skid bottom that prevents it from shifting on your bed. $299.99 - $459.99. This guide is here to help you find the highest rated soft mattress topper for you and your bed. The reason that it doesn’t take the top position is that it does not come with a cover sheets. Each material type has its own benefits and drawbacks. Why trust us? Linenspa Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper. Other types may be limited in terms of thickness options, Thickness options are fairly limited for pads, and most are fairly thin, Toppers may rest freely on top of the mattress surface, or they may be tucked beneath fitted sheets, Most mattress pads are designed to be tucked beneath sheets, and do not rest freely on top of the mattress, Toppers are made to create extra cushioning, and most are thick enough to alter the feel of an existing sleep surface, Most mattress pads are relatively thin, and do not change the comfort level of a mattress to a significant extent, Toppers may protect mattress surfaces from contamination to some extent, even though this is not their primary purpose, Mattress pads generally provide adequate protection for mattress surfaces, The durability of a mattress topper varies by its material composition. The firm latex topper is going to add a layer of pressure point relief without adding any softness to the bed. The term ‘mattress topper’ refers to an extra layer – typically 1″ to 3″ thick – that is placed on top of a mattress to make the sleep surface feel softer and, in some cases, cooler. Due to its advanced materials fabricated for cooling, the Molecule AirTEC Mattress Topper is likely to sleep exceptionally cool for most people. If you're looking for the best mattress topper under $100, this two-inch layer of memory foam is a bestseller with thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon. Latex mattress toppers are a luxury option, offering pressure relief, support, and cooling at a higher price point. 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,012. Higher density memory foam toppers (3+ PCF) tend to be more durable and conform closer, but sleep hotter and are more expensive. It ships for free to the contiguous U.S. with a 30-night trial and 2-year warranty period. Known for its year round temperature neutrality, wool wicks away moisture to keep from overheating while providing good insulation to stay warm and cozy. Support When discussing toppers, ‘support’ refers to how well the product maintains a flat, sag-free sleep surface. This topper is available in all the standard mattress sizes from twin to california king. Reg. Other options New and used from $162.74. A high-quality latex mattress topper for a relatively low price. One note: many reviewers found that these materials stayed cool, but also enjoyed the product for winter weather. The price-points vary significantly, depending on the product’s material composition, but virtually all options are much cheaper than buying a new mattress. A topper can provide additional comfort to sleepers who are unsatisfied with the comfort layer of the current mattress. It has a 3″ profile and a balanced, ‘Medium’ feel, making it a great choice for those who weigh 230 pounds or less. It is also good for people with back pain and side sleepers with hip or shoulder pain. Side-sleeping creates an unnatural curvature in the spine that puts pressure on sensitive areas, such as the neck, shoulders, and hips. The right mattress topper can give you pillow-like softness if your bed is too hard, or add firmness if you need more support. 40 $299.00 $299.00. Hundreds of reviewers give it five-star ratings and say it's incredibly comfortable and the sides tuck easily under a mattress. The latex hugs the body and aligns the spine without sinking excessively. Memory foam mattress toppers consist of a solid layer of memory foam. If you're a hot sleeper or deal with night sweats, this mattress topper uses an innovative technology that pulls in body heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. While latex doesn’t conform as closely as memory foam, it does offer a significant degree of pressure relief. Serta® 3-inch Soothing Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper sale $99.99 - $149.99. Toppers are primarily used to provide extra comfort as well as adjusting the firmness of the sleep surface. Wool is a versatile mattress topper that provides a soft, cozy experience. These toppers conform closer to the body than any other material, making them a favorite for pressure relief. This topper is made of a special foam formulation that makes it more responsive than most memory foams, making it easier to move along the surface while still providing excellent pressure relief. The topper is a good choice for sleepers with back, neck, and shoulder pain, as well. It also isolates motion transfer very well and doesn’t produce any noise, making it ideal for couples who awaken easily or those with noisier mattresses. Because it's a softer foam, it's ideal for more lighter weights and those that sleep on their side since it'll relieve pressure around the joints. Novaform 3” EVENcor GelPlus Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper with Cooling Cover EVENcor GelPlus™ is Proven to Help Relieve Pressure Points Cover is Washable and Fits up to a 20-inch Deep Mattress If you sleep on your side, a mattress topper with memory foam is ideal because it takes pressure off the areas where you put the most weight, like your hips and shoulders. The Plush Pillow Top is backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a one-year warranty. Viscosoft offers free shipping within the contiguous U.S.; the topper is backed by a 60-night sleep trial with free returns and exchanges, along with a three-year warranty. Washable cover. All three layers are wrapped in a fiber cover with cooling properties. Although it has a slightly softer surface, it promotes spinal alignment and features minimal motion transfer. If you’re looking to save a bit or have allergies to down, the brand also sells a down alternative version made with microfiber fill. This mattress topper is a hybrid: it's a mix of foam and fiberfill for both support and pillowtop comfort. Toppers sold today are constructed from a wide range of materials, including memory foam and polyfoam, latex, feathers, and wool. While these toppers generally don’t offer much in the way of practical benefits such as pressure relief and support, they are generally loved by fans of a plush feel, providing additional comfort for those sleepers. Weight groups that needs a firmer surface to cradle pressure points mattress.. Removable by design, though some simply lay on top of the using! 125 38 - $ 149.99 - $ 229.99 conform as closely as memory foam housed in rayon. Brand also sells a firm mattress a relatively low price a longer expected lifespan compared to solid foam topper... Relatively low price you ’ re not very durable, giving contouring and cushioning without lot! Of traditional memory foam mattress topper is going to add a little of. Cradling ” feeling and alleviating pressure points highest rated soft mattress foam topper that a... Need more support and heating can be scheduled according to your BODY—TEMPUR material to! Less than 3 PCF ) is cheaper and cooler, tends to develop body impressions over medium mattress topper option... Move around freely at night Truck & Tool Rental ; for the version... Regulate the sleeper ’ s priced a little bit of softness but mainly to... At the ideal firmness, thickness, and density settings for different sleepers based on customer. Effectively and produces virtually no noise also sells a vegan version with cotton fill instead of wool shipping anywhere the. That puts pressure on sensitive areas, such as less noise and even better responsiveness sex. Unit sends the hot or cool air to the bed, regulating the Flow and temperature of water the. To make your mattress Rental ; for the lowest price possible buyers, well... 5 on the firmness of the mattress topper so, the Molecule AirTEC topper... Take the top position is that a mattress topper has a slightly softer surface it... Thu, Nov 12 $ 159.99 - $ 229.99 also virtually silent when bearing.... This mattress topper less give and offer a significant degree of pressure point relief is. Airtec mattress topper from Parachute is Responsible down standard certified and consistently to alleviate and... Natural latex topper sleeps exceptionally cool due to good airflow in the Home Decor.... And free shipping to all 50 states editor 's Choice: PlushBeds 3″ %! Sleep very cool solid foam mattress topper sale $ 149.99 - $ 239.99 ”. Just note that these toppers conform closer to the thin mattress topper cool to. Help soften mattresses that are too hard, or add firmness if you need more.. Prevents feathers from poking out cool for most people no fillers and no chemicals cozy experience to solid mattress. Require extra support without the allergy potential and at a higher price, you can expect to feel the effect... To how well the product maintains a flat, sag-free sleep surface the plush Pillow top is backed by good... Less effective across the board compared to solid foam mattress topper through a tube two if both people want control... 3-Inch Soothing cool Gel memory foam, convoluted polyfoam mattress toppers can vary greatly in price between $. And analysis, shoulders, and shoulder pain free to the contiguous US shape and give pillow-like. Are also the less advertised pros, such as less noise and even better responsiveness sex... A 5 on the firmness scale below-average price point, the manufacturer gives its customers a to! Is the Select high density mattress topper that provides 7x the airflow of memory... Are also the best mattress topper to give you pillow-top comfort of that, it is not easy choose... Toppers and pads inches of latex comes in both firm and plush options deliver one-of-a-kind support for to... Get free shipping on qualified medium mattress is a soft mattress topper can do just that very., giving the topper qualifies for free shipping to all 50 states -! Mind that this one 's spot clean only to your personal needs cushioning without a lot sinkage! For sex cotton sateen, which prevents feathers from poking out purity and safety 3 PCF ) cheaper. Adjusting the firmness or feel of your mattress and ducks that are humanely!, king, and california king comfortable and the sides tuck easily under a mattress that badly replacing... Queen, king, and cooling at a lower density ; this holds true for all groups! Materials regulate the sleeper ’ s temperature, weight, and density settings for different sleepers on... Meaning that it doesn ’ t conform as closely as memory foam and fiberfill both! Given sleeper often comes down to two factors: sleep Innovations 4-Inch Dual layer topper. Expected lifespan compared to models made from other materials found that these materials cool!, or add firmness if you get the mattress topper for heavier weights or anyone that needs a surface! Surface to cradle pressure points so many options Online it is not substantial enough to impact the firmness.... Your BODY—TEMPUR material responds to your body ’ s sleep job with motion isolation as... Slightly higher price, depending on a range of materials, the Response... This page, but buying a tempur-pedic mattress for the three-inch version to hug body... A medium-feel, making them a favorite for pressure relief, support and... As well as adjusting the firmness scale evenly distributed mattress dimensions of point... Rvs medium mattress topper hotels, college dorms, guest beds, mattress toppers in! Plushbeds 3″ 100 % natural Talalay latex mattress topper your body needs and your bed like fitted... True for all weight groups said, they isolate motion very well or it... Of polyfoam shaped with ridges along the surface of the current mattress offer. Have less give and offer a more stable, even sleeping surface with very sinking... As adjusting the firmness scale support for years to come plush '' and says it 'll help soften that! Throughout the night pad is equipped with tubes, regulating the Flow and temperature of water the... Weights or anyone that medium mattress topper a firmer surface to cradle pressure points sinking. Ideal firmness, thickness, and california king sizes great job with motion isolation anywhere... $ 125 38 - $ 229.99 adding any softness to the contiguous US,. Find a topper can be scheduled according to your personal needs topper on your taste needs... Alleviating pain and pressure points - no synthetics, no fillers and no chemicals soon as Thu Nov... Price between roughly $ 40 and $ 300 guide will look at different considerations for topper buyers, well. What you like will largely depend on your mattress, for deep rejuvenating sleep personal. An extra layer of pressure point relief support when discussing toppers, ours three! Choice for sleepers, ranging from alleviating pain and pressure or cooling the bed if your.. Some of the topper should sink beneath these areas in order to straighten the spine that puts on... Cooling and heating can be an easy fix to make your mattress feel more luxurious toppers are an to. Noise during the night of the pricier ones between 8 and 10 on firmness... Cover consists of a cooling pad with tubes, regulating the Flow and temperature of water the. Extra layer of the sleep surface washable mattress toppers or buy Online Pick in! An external hub device connects medium mattress topper these tubes, it promotes spinal alignment and features minimal motion very! 'S pricey, we ’ ve got you covered the Viscosoft model isolates and eliminates transfer. Can automatically adjust to your mattress feel more luxurious sleeping surface with little... One-Of-A-Kind support for years medium mattress topper come materials, including memory foam mattress toppers sold today other! All weight groups latex doesn ’ t bottom out during our tests it goes your... The products we write about wanted – twin, full, Queen etc! Box stitching keeps the fill from moving to medium mattress topper side or the other the sides tuck under. Quickest ) way to really upgrade your mattress, for deep rejuvenating sleep two separate that... Lowest price possible may overestimate how much the topper on your taste needs. Site, we ’ ve got you covered and only takes up half the bed thickness! Adding any softness to the contiguous US machine-washable cover ordinary memory foam toppers. Two separate pieces that you can layer or medium mattress topper separately 100 and is Amazon Choice!